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Barbed Wire Fence: What is Barbed Wire?

Barbed wire is a type of wire with sharp points at only one end that is designed to catch livestock. It also prevents predators, such as humans or other animals, from accessing an enclosed space. While barbed wire has been used for many purposes throughout history, it is most associated with fixed industrial farming systems and animal enclosures. The use of barbed wire in these settings often results in severe degradation of natural landscapes and habitats. If you are in Dallas, TX and want to install fences call us at Star Gate. This article will discuss the pros and cons of using barbed wire fence in a variety of landscape contexts, as well as potential alternatives to these uses.

What is Barbed Wire?

Barbed wire is made of two main components: a wire made of metal with sharp points on both ends, which is known as the ‘barbs’; and a core made of a rope-like material, which is known as the ‘sheath’. The wire is strung between posts, trees, or other barriers. The sheath made of material that won’t rust; then the wire coated with a material that will adhere to and trap any animal hair the barbs may catch. The coated sheath is then wrapped around the wire. Once the barbs have caught an animal’s hair and embedded in the animal’s skin, the barbs keep pulling the hair out of the animal’s skin and into the sheath, ultimately causing the animal to bleed to death.

Types of Barbed Wire Fence: Get A Variety of Types!

Galvanized: This is a heavier-gauge wire that is coated in zinc. It is the most common type of barbed wire.

Stainless: Stainless is a type of high-quality steel wire used for barbed wire. It is invisible to animals, meaning that it is ideal for keeping unwanted intruders out.

Chain: The chain type of barbed wire consists of very fine chain-like wire. This type of wire is very flexible and strong. Therefore, you can easily weave it into different patterns.

Rope: The rope type of barbed wire composed of high-quality, cotton-rope-like wire. This type of wire is usually cheaper than the other types. However, it is also stronger and more rigid. Therefore, fence can move into different patterns.

A Quick Overlook: How to Make Barbed Wire Fence?

All you need to make barbed wire is a galvanized (galv) wire, a rope-like sheath, and a core material. For example, you can use two x 2.5-meter pieces of galvanized wire for every meter of barbed wire you want to make. You can use it on both sides of the barbed wire fence or for the top and bottom railings of a fence. Then you need to cut a 16-centimeter length of the sheath, and then roll it up into a cylinder. The core material can be any material that won’t corrode in humid conditions. It can be wood, plastic, etc. Moreover, the longer the core the thicker the barbed wire will be.

Advantages of Barbed Wire

  • Ideal for protecting livestock.
  • Ideal for marking boundaries.
  • For indoor use.
  • For outdoors in rain.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • No maintenance.
  • For fencing large areas.
  • For fencing small areas.

Disadvantages of Barbed Wire

  • Very expensive.
  • Not suitable for use in coastal regions.
  • Can be dangerous for humans.
  • Strong wind can blow it away.
  • Need a lot of space for setting up.
  • Expensive for replacing if it gets damaged.
  • Not suitable for protecting homes from intruders.
  • Animals can easily climb over it.
  • Not suitable for use in gardens.
  • Can be dangerous and harmful for pets.
  • Expensive to maintain.

Application of Barbed Wire Fence in Daily Life

For example, you can use a barbed wire fence to protect your home or to create a boundary around your farm. You can also use it to fence your pets.


Barbed wire is a type of fencing material that consists of a continuous, barbed wire rope strung between posts. The barbs compose of galvanized wire, coated with zinc to make it poisonous to wild animals. The rope-like sheath of the wire always coated with a material that resists wear, thus preventing it from getting frayed from rubbing against the barbs. The result is a strong, durable fencing material that is also poisonous to animals that touch it.

You can use barbed wire for a variety of purposes. It can protect livestock, mark boundaries, keep unwanted visitors out of your yard, and keep your pets in. You can install barbed wire fence on concrete, wood, or metal posts, which can make them easier to install and maintain. Barbed wire is also ideal for protecting crops from animals that would destroy them while they grow. You can call Star Gate company in Dallas, TX for these types of fence installation. You can also get horizontal fence services. Our team is an expert in providing pool fences in Dallas TX. Do not waste your time and hire our excellent services.


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