There are two completely different types of commercial gates that are available. One of those gates is the overhead gate. These are commonly used on many different types of commercial buildings and garages. They rise up and lower and when they are open, the door is stored up overhead. These come in a few different material types. Some are sturdier and protect against weather and human damage. There are also less sturdy options that are more readily available. At Star Gate & Fence we provide you with whatever type of gate suits your needs.

Another option for commercial gates is the roll up. These work very much the same way as an overhead gate but they are built differently. A roll up is made from less sturdy material and is usually made up of slats. These slats are what help the gate to rise up and to help keep it out of the way. A roll up is typically used in storage garages and apartment buildings. These are smaller in size but are sturdy to keep everything inside safe.

To install these gates, a Star Gate & Fence commercial technician will come out and be able to assist you with deciding what type of gate you should use. With their professional experience they will be able to give you the best option and install your gate in a short amount of time. To get your new commercial gate repaired or installed today contact us today at 469-778-0871 or visit us at

Security Gates are most often used for industrial and commercial properties such as manufacturing and warehouse facilities, retail and distribution centers, education and health care institutions. However, many homeowners opt for them. They provide security, ventilation and visibility for dock doors, lift-up doors, hallways and entranceways. At Star Gate & fence we provide our customers with many options that will fit all of your needs. Contact us today at 469-778-0871 or visit us at