Commercial Gates Ready Made For You!

Star Gate And Fence is proud to say that we’re able to offer you various kinds of commercial gates for both residential and industrial purposes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or someone establishing their own business and warehouse.

We’re going to ensure that you have the best ones that will suit your needs. With us, you don’t have to worry about having the wrong ones. We’ll guide you throughout the process so that you have the best gates in town. To avail of our gate repair services, kindly reach out to us today for a consultation.

Commercial Gates Services - Here For You in Town!

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As one of the best commercial services in town, we consider it our responsibility to find the best commercial gates for you. So, in addition to the traditional ones, we also offer gates made of different materials as well as of various types.

These include metal, wooden, sliding and other sorts of industrial gates. Take advantage of our services today.

Star Gate And Fence does its best to cater to all of our customers. However, to maintain quality, you can rely on us. So, don’t waste time!

Why Choose Our Company?

Years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Meta Gates Are Sturdy And Perfect For Security!

Metal gates are usually recommended for industrial purposes. You probably have goods that need a lot of protection. This could include things like machines or some sort of assembly line that needs to be under lock and key.

For such situations, we totally understand why you’d want metal gates, and we encourage you to get them. However, if you’re a homeowner looking for commercial gates, we’d like to caution you. These are proper secure gates, and unless you don’t have a safe in the house, we don’t recommend these for homeowners.

Wooden Gates For Everyone!

The most versatile of all are wooden ones. These can be used across the board. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big business owner or a small one; wooden gates are perfect for homes, warehouses, and so many other venues.

Additionally, unlike other ones, wooden gates can be painted, shaped and designed according to your needs as well. If you have a specific design, the chances are that you can achieve those with wooden ones.

We personally think that wooden gates are the best as they provide individuals and companies with the opportunity to express themselves.

Sliding Gates - Get These If You Want To Shake Things Up!

Our sliding gates are available for those who want something more modern and different. If you’ve got a unique home and would love some lovely gates to go with them, then, by all means, give us a call!

Our sliding gates are available for all gate types, and we’re confident that you’ll love the designs and full range of them. People all over Dallas love them, and we’re sure that you’ll feel the same. It’s an extremely modern take to boring old gates if you ask us.

Geri W.
Geri W.
logo yelpRead More
Eli has consistently provided outstanding service. They are easy to get a hold of, responsive and courteous.
Chanel O.
Chanel O.
logo yelpRead More
I recently moved to Dallas and purchased a home in north Dallas. The gate needed to be repaired. I read very many reviews for so many companies and had 3 companies come give me an estimate which all were very over priced. I found this company and decided to have them come out for an estimate. I was sold right away. They were great. Knew what the issue was and weren't over priced which seemed to be the case with all the other companies I had called. The job was done within 2 hrs and I will use them again if ever needed.
Ben A.
Ben A.
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This company is great. Very responsive and punctual. The gears for our electric gate were terribly jammed with a towel that was left on the chain. Ben did a great job explaining the work that would be necessary to resolve the situation at hand, and even performed additional maintenance on the entire system. I'll be using them for annual preventative maintenance moving forward and would recommend the same to anyone with their own residential electric gate.
Sylvia A.
Sylvia A.
logo yelpRead More
After a horrible encounter with a previous gate company, we called Star Gate & Fence to come out and look at the crap job the previous company did. Our gate was considered kaput and we thought we were going to have to spend thousands from what the previous company had said, but it turns out it wasn't the circuit board at all. The battery needed to be replaced! Elijah was very thorough and straightforward at the same time and we really appreciated it. We might have to replace the gate arm in the future, which will be a pretty hefty expense, but it will be worth it knowing that Elijah's team would be taking care of it. Thank goodness we found them.
Rebecca O.
Rebecca O.
logo yelpRead More
Star Gate & Fence was able to set a timely appointment and I didn't have to wait 3-4 days like the other 2 companies I called. Eli was very nice on the phone and in person. The gate started working as soon as Eli arrived and he said he was happy for me that it started working and didn't charge a trip fee for coming out. They are now the only gate company in my contacts for the next time the gate acts up. As they always do! 🙂
Stephen D.
Stephen D.
logo yelpRead More
Eli is outstanding. When our gate broke for the umpteen time, I finally broke down and had to call a professional. Naturally, I went to Yelp. His tech was out there the following day and replaced a broken board for the gate. A month later, I noticed that the gate didn't work again and was concerned. It had rained really hard the previous two days and I called Eli. He quickly responded and came out as soon as he could to check it himself. They warranty all their work. After checking the gate and a hard reset of the system (disconnecting batteries from terminals) the gate worked again. I was impressed with his demeanor and his professionalism. Definitely have my gate guy for life!

Commercial Gates Near Me - Where Do I Get These?

Now that you know who we are, you’re probably wondering where Star Gate And Fence is located so that you may visit us. You’re in luck because we’ve got offices all around Dallas, TX and surrounding areas.

Our teams are always mobile, and we’ll reach you in the shortest time possible via our service, which ensures that we help you out during an emergency- even if the emergency has something to do with commercial gates. Call our office and ask for the gate installation near me service.

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