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Commercial Security Fences: Get Great Protection!

Commercial security fences offer protection from a variety of different threats in environments that are open to the public. These types of fences can be used as a security measure to protect businesses and their employees, customers, or other guests. The right commercial security fence can increase your property’s security, protect against unwanted intruders, and help you look like you’re taking appropriate measures to keep people safe from any potential dangers.

Security fences come in many different styles and should be carefully chosen based on the needs of your business and the environment it is placed in. You need to ask yourself what kind of threat you are trying to prevent, how big an area you need to secure, and how much visibility you want in that area. Let’s explore some of the different options for commercial security fences with Star Gate so you can decide which one is right for your specific needs.

Commercial Security Fences: Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are some of the most basic security fences that you’re likely to see. They are made from long vertical wires that are twisted into a diamond pattern. The diamond pattern helps to keep the wires in place and strong, but it also allows for visibility through the fence. This makes a chain link fence a good choice if you want to be able to see through your fence or need to provide visibility to your visitors. This type of fence is low-cost and fairly easy to install, making it a popular choice for many businesses.

Chain link fences are most effective for preventing smaller threats, like curious children or animals. They won’t keep out determined adults, therefore they’re not great for public spaces. They aren’t good at stopping projectiles. So they’re not a good choice if you live in a high-crime area.

Commercial Fences: Barbed Wire Fences

Barbed wire fences are similar to chain-link fences. Except they use long vertical wires that have sharp points at the ends. This type of fence is similarly easy to see through. But it can provide more protection to areas with a higher threat level. Barbed wire fences are a good choice for areas where there is a higher chance of people trying to climb over your fence. They can also safeguard vulnerable ecosystems or wildlife habitats from predators. Barbed wire fences are not as common as chain link fences.

They are somewhat costlier, and they require more maintenance due to the frequent need to cut the tips off the wires to prevent them from becoming sharp enough to injure visitors. Moreover, they can be good for areas with a high risk of wildfires due to their ability to reduce fuel sources. But they may not be the best choice for areas that have high winds.

Commercial Security Fences: Forge Metal Fences

Forge metal fences are made of solid metal panels that can be made from a variety of different materials, including iron, steel, and copper. They are heavy, solid fences that provide a high level of security. Forge metal fences can be difficult to see through. This can make them a good choice if you want to hide your operations from public view. The main advantage of forged metal commercial fences is their high level of durability. They are very difficult to cut or breakthrough. They are also resistant to corrosion, making them a good choice for areas that receive a lot of moisture. Forge fences also offer a high level of privacy, making them a good choice. Especially, if you don’t want people to be able to see into your business or operations.

Electronic Security Fences: It Uses Electric Currents!

Electronic security fences use electric currents to keep intruders out of a specific area. These fences are not visible, so they are often used to protect sensitive areas like airports or government buildings. Electronic fences can also be used as an area for animal control, for example, to keep livestock or wild animals away from a certain area. Electronic fences are fairly easy to install and provide a quick return on your investment. They are, however, expensive to maintain and require a lot of maintenance due to their frequent use. They are not a good option if you live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate or are concerned about projectiles being thrown at your place of business. Because they are likewise not very effective at blocking projectiles.


Commercial security fences are a great way to control who has access to your property. They often come in the form of a chain link fence, with diamond shapes woven together to create a mesh. There are many different types of security fences, like commercial grade fences, and commercial privacy fence, each providing its own unique benefits. Whether you need a chain link fence for visual privacy or a metal detecting probe for animal control. You can find commercial security fences at Star Gate in Dallas, Tx that meets your specific needs.


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