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There is always that feeling of security when you have a fence installed around your property. Fences can be used for a variety of purposes, including enhancing curb appeal, defining one’s territory, and providing protection. When you see fences that reach the sky at factories or certain business places, you know it’s for security and to keep things private. When you see fences at a ranch or farm, you know it is to keep animals restricted to a space. However, when it comes to your place of abode, fences are much more than just fences. And some people have theirs customized. Whether you need a fence for your garden, for your backyard, or around your entire property, Star Gate has got you covered. We provide custom privacy fence services.

Some Top Privacy Fences Ideas

There are fences designed to provide the integrity to a residential fortress and fences made for aesthetics.

What if, though, all you want is to recover a little bit of solitude for yourself and your spaces?

What if design and curb appeal are important considerations, but the fence that encloses your home and keeps prying eyes out is what you ultimately decide on?

Perhaps you even want custom privacy fence, ones that are more to your taste and complement the exterior outlook of your home.

Each and every person has the right to privacy, making it more than simply a luxury. Even if the value of privacy may be declining in today’s society, you can still protect your privacy in the sanctuary of your own house.

There are different types of privacy fence and, depending on your choice, Star Gate can make custom privacy fences for your home.

Here are some types of privacy fences that can, of course, be customized:

Wooden Privacy Fences

When someone thinks of a privacy fence, their mind usually takes them to wooden fences. After all, they are the most popular kinds one might find in their neighborhood. And this is true because wood has always been part of buildings for the longest time possible. However, there are now innovative ways to use wood so as to get the best out of it.

Custom privacy fences can be made from wood as they are affordable, sturdy, and can last for years if properly maintained. The versatility of wood or cedar privacy fences is one of its finest features. They accept paint well, so it’s not an issue if the color changes over time. A wood fence is also very simple to modify. A simple fence can be made to appear more expensive than it actually is by adding trim or ornamental elements, using a nail gun and miter saw.

For the best custom privacy fences in Dallas, TX, contact us at Star Gate. We are the ideal company for any type of fence you require for your building.

PVC Privacy Fences

Different types of fences can add an extra layer of safety and security to your house, but a full PVC privacy fence is simply for one purpose; privacy. These types of fences are often made of vinyl and are also very common. They can vary in shape and size depending on what you want.

PVC fences offer a number of advantages. With such a fence, you don’t need to worry about any infestation or having to repaint faded timber regularly. They are lightweight, affordable, and very easy to install. However, if you can’t install one yourself, you can always employ the services of Satr Gate in Dallas, TX.

Natural Privacy Fences

Some folks simply don’t like how a fenced-in backyard feels. They get a confined, animal-like feeling as a result. If that describes you but you realize that you might use a bit more solitude, think about building a natural fence to keep the outside world out. These fences may be made of trees, bushes, or a mix of conventional fencing and wild vegetation.

This type of fence is ideal for people looking for the perfect custom privacy fence.

Certain types of plants and trees are especially suited for the natural fencing style. Red cedar trees, lilac and arborvitae are examples of these plants. They grow large and dense enough to act as a barrier between you and the outside world. They will develop into a substantial natural barrier that will enclose your garden and maintain your home’s privacy if they are planted in a row or an offset pattern.

While there are many other fencing style and ideas, we’ll close it with the above listed. However, you can contact us for any type of custom privacy fences that you require.

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