Fences are significant for marking a particular area off or marking your territory and who should you trust for a top quality kind of fence; strong and built to keep away intruders? Put your trust in Star Gate & Fence for that well fitted and quality fence. We are not new to this and can make sure only the best of the best quality is delivered to you. There is no doubt that Star Gate & Fence is one of the best service provider in Dallas, TX, we can absolutely deliver the best services, don’t matter the type of fence you’d prefer.

If you are looking to secure your property by marking a boundary, then an iron fence is a good option for you. We sell wrought iron fences, decorative iron fences, and many other types.
Wood fences are popular in rural areas of the US. We provide cedar fences, wood fences, cedar privacy fences, and many different types of fences. We also ensure the timely installation of these fences.
A Commercial fence is your best option to fence any large commercial property. Star Gate & Fence provide commercial chain link fence, commercial privacy fence, and vinyl fences.
These fences provide an extra layer of security and privacy to your property; since they are not see-through. If you want a PVC Privacy fence, wooden privacy fence, privacy fence panels, or anything belonging to this category, give Star Fence & Gates a call

Iron fence

Iron fence

Are you looking to upgrade your rusty old fence with a durable new one? Then look no further. Across the whole of Dallas, TX, Star Gate & Fence is setting new standards in the gates and fence installation industry. Our company sells top-notch iron fences and will help you with iron fence installation as well.

The expertise of our company, coupled with our renowned service provides a first-class experience to our customers.

We have several types and designs of iron fences. The most popular and in trend option nowadays is a wrought iron fence. This fence is made up of one of the strongest materials used in the metal fence, which is wrought iron. A Wrought iron fence will amp up the security of your residence, and reinvigorate the aesthetic factor of your home. This is an ideal option for residential homeowners and is a sure-shot way of increasing the beauty of your house without compromising on security. The experts at Star Gate & Fence recommend buying a wrought iron fence stained with dye for improved resistance towards harsh weather.

We also sell decorative iron fences at a very affordable price, to our valuable customers. You can choose your desired design by visiting our branch. If you have any queries, give us a call and we will be eager to assist you.

How long do iron fences last?

Depending upon the type of material use, and the location in which they are installed, a typical wrought iron fence will last for about 15-20 years. This approximation is done considering that the fence is maintained regularly.

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Wood fence

Wood fence

Nothing can beat the traditional American home look that you get by installing a wood fence. A wood fence is a popular choice in the rural areas of Dallas, TX. Star Gate & Fence is a well-known and trusted wood fence installation company. We provide different types of wood fence services such as wood fence repair and wood fence installation.

Our customers can choose from a variety of fences:

Wood picket fence

Wood picket fences are also one of the oldest types of fences, which are still abundantly in use. At Star Gate & Fence, we provide the best quality fence pickets, at a very reasonable price. The technicians and carpenters at Star Gate & Fence are known for their efficiency and diligence and are one of the best in business across the whole of Dallas, TX. Our work is always customized to accommodate the needs and demands of our clients. These types of fences are used in

  • Front yards
  • Swimming pools
  • Gardens

Cedar fence

If you are looking for the most durable and long-lasting wood fence¸ then you should go with a cedar fence. Cedar wood is known for its durability and exquisite beauty. They last for a whopping 15-30 years and are sure to provide security and beauty to your residence.

Cedar privacy fences are also in demand nowadays.

They are suitable for use in

  • Farms
  • Residential areas
  • Ranch

What kind of wood fence lasts the longest?

As mentioned above a cedar fence typically lasts the longest. It has a life span of about 15-30 years, and can be used in various locations. Pine wood fence is also a good choice if you are looking for durability since it lasts for about 5-10 years and is relatively inexpensive.

Commercial fences

With the rapid industrialization going on across the whole Dallas, TX, commercial fences are the need of the hour. Commercial fences are used by the majority of businessmen, contractors and property managers. If you are looking to fence your commercial property with a commercial security fence, then your days of waiting are over! Give us a call, and we will send our technicians and carpenters at the earliest.

We provide different kinds of commercial fence installation services, some of which are listed below.

Commercial chain link fence

The Commercial chain link fence is one of the most common types of security fence you will see across Texas. They are popular among property owners due to various reasons such as their strength, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. The workers of Star Gate & Fence are adept in commercial chain link installation and its repair.

Commercial Vinyl fence

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic that is coated upon a metal fence to make it more visually appealing and weather resistant. Commercial vinyl fence is a popular choice among fence contractors and businessmen who want to maintain a balance between the security and aesthetic aspect of their property.


Where can I get a commercial security fence near me?

The Commercial security fence is one of the specialties of Star Gate & Fence. We have installed a variety of custom-built security fences, at a very affordable price. Customers can choose from a variety of commercial security fences, such as commercial metal fences, commercial privacy fence, commercial grade fence, etc.

Privacy fence

Privacy fence

Simply speaking, a privacy fence is just a… fence. Here is the main difference; a privacy fence is typically four to six feet tall, and completely restricts visibility. It has a solid infill and does not allow any visibility from the other side. There are no gaps or holes between the wood pickets, and therefore they offer more privacy than your regular fence, hence the name privacy fence.


At Star Gate & Fence, we offer different kinds of privacy fences to our valuable customers such as vinyl privacy fences and PVC privacy fences. Star Gate & Fence also provides privacy fence panels at an affordable cost. We are one of the most trusted privacy gate installers across the whole of Dallas, TX, and our expertise speaks for itself. We have one of the largest customer base in the whole of Dallas, TX, and it is ever increasing.

Which material should I get for a privacy fence?

The experts at Star Gate & Fence recommend using a vinyl fence for complete privacy. Vinyl fences are sturdy and maintain a balance between the security and beauty aspect of the house.

Why is a privacy fence better than a regular fence?

Privacy fencing, of course, appeals to property owners who are hoping for a bit more seclusion in their garden, backyard, or house. A privacy fence is commonly built around swimming pools or between two different properties. It’s also a great way to increase safety. At Star Gate & Fence, we will provide you with a customized privacy fence that will be according to your needs and requirements.

Geri W.
Geri W.
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Eli has consistently provided outstanding service. They are easy to get a hold of, responsive and courteous.
Chanel O.
Chanel O.
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I recently moved to Dallas and purchased a home in north Dallas. The gate needed to be repaired. I read very many reviews for so many companies and had 3 companies come give me an estimate which all were very over priced. I found this company and decided to have them come out for an estimate. I was sold right away. They were great. Knew what the issue was and weren't over priced which seemed to be the case with all the other companies I had called. The job was done within 2 hrs and I will use them again if ever needed.
Ben A.
Ben A.
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This company is great. Very responsive and punctual. The gears for our electric gate were terribly jammed with a towel that was left on the chain. Ben did a great job explaining the work that would be necessary to resolve the situation at hand, and even performed additional maintenance on the entire system. I'll be using them for annual preventative maintenance moving forward and would recommend the same to anyone with their own residential electric gate.
Sylvia A.
Sylvia A.
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After a horrible encounter with a previous gate company, we called Star Gate & Fence to come out and look at the crap job the previous company did. Our gate was considered kaput and we thought we were going to have to spend thousands from what the previous company had said, but it turns out it wasn't the circuit board at all. The battery needed to be replaced! Elijah was very thorough and straightforward at the same time and we really appreciated it. We might have to replace the gate arm in the future, which will be a pretty hefty expense, but it will be worth it knowing that Elijah's team would be taking care of it. Thank goodness we found them.
Rebecca O.
Rebecca O.
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Star Gate & Fence was able to set a timely appointment and I didn't have to wait 3-4 days like the other 2 companies I called. Eli was very nice on the phone and in person. The gate started working as soon as Eli arrived and he said he was happy for me that it started working and didn't charge a trip fee for coming out. They are now the only gate company in my contacts for the next time the gate acts up. As they always do! 🙂
Stephen D.
Stephen D.
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Eli is outstanding. When our gate broke for the umpteen time, I finally broke down and had to call a professional. Naturally, I went to Yelp. His tech was out there the following day and replaced a broken board for the gate. A month later, I noticed that the gate didn't work again and was concerned. It had rained really hard the previous two days and I called Eli. He quickly responded and came out as soon as he could to check it himself. They warranty all their work. After checking the gate and a hard reset of the system (disconnecting batteries from terminals) the gate worked again. I was impressed with his demeanor and his professionalism. Definitely have my gate guy for life!

Custom fence

Custom fence

Many a time, you will not be satisfied with the available fence designs, and this is not a problem. At Star Gate & Fence, we create custom fence designs for customers looking to bring a greater level of distinctiveness and sophistication to their home or business. These fences are costlier than their ready-made counterparts. However, while selecting a custom fence design, you will have greater creative autonomy.

Custom fence panels are also available at Star Gate & Fence, and you can inform us of your desired design, and we will get to work. We will make sure that you are satisfied with the quality and standard of the custom fence.

The most common types of custom fence are:

Custom metal fence

You should go with a custom metal fence, if you want to exhibit a strong metallic look. Feel free to choose your custom fence pickets from our variety of designs and sizes. Our custom iron fences are not difficult to install, and we can complete the installation in a matter of days. There are many designs with different widths and heights to choose from, and we can trim the fences according to your instructions.

Custom vinyl fence

A vinyl fence has all the qualities of a perfect fence. Whether it be durability, longevity, or aesthetics, a vinyl fence is something you can always count on. If you want personalization and custom designs, you can opt for a custom vinyl fence. This fence is one of the most popular and in-demand fences at the moment. Due to the high demand and desired properties, they are typically more expensive than wooden fences, but lasts much longer than your average wooden fence as well.

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