When it comes to gates installation and repairs, Star Gate & Fence is the one company in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas that you can trust. We are sure you want a gate that is strong, sturdy and able to keep out strange or unwelcomed visitors. It doesn’t matter the type you’d prefer, manual or automatic gates, Star Gate & Fence has got you covered. Gates are part of your home as much as every other part and you deserve the best you can get. We are all about the quality and you are sure to enjoy a smooth use.

Gates are the entrance to your house- and if you want your house to give a good first impression, a beautiful and strong gate can make all the difference. Join Star Gate & Fence in making gates great again!
Electric gates are in trend nowadays. They offer high-end security and introduce a sense of novelty to your property.
Gate installation can be a bit of a nuisance, especially if you don’t know the right company to contact. Star gate & Fence can install a variety of gates such as electric gates, garage doors, automatic gates, etc. The gate installation that we provide is durable and will last for a long time
There are several companies that manufacture gate openers such as Liftmaster gate openers, US Automatic gate openers, All-O-Matic gate openers, etc. Star gate & Fence provides the installation of gate openers manufactured by a variety of companies.
Known for their durability and strength, iron gates are popular among residents of Dallas, TX. These gates provide security and add an aesthetic flavor to your property.
Wooden gates possess a certain charm; especially if you like things the old school way. We provide hardwood gates, timber gates, and pinewood gates among many others. Their installation is relatively easy and can be done in a heartbeat.
Whether it be electric driveway gates, sliding gates, or swing driveway gates, we provide the best quality gates. These gates restrict the movement of unwanted visitors and will help you amp up the security of your property.
If you are a business or a factory owner, a commercial gate is the most appropriate option for you. These electrically powered commercial gates will protect your premises and will not allow any intruder to enter.

Electric gates

Electric gates

Electric gates are in trend; not only do they enhance home security, but they also help prevent break-ins. If you are looking to upgrade your traditional wooden door to a state-of-the-art electric door, then look no further- Star Gate & Fence is your best bet. Automatic Electric gates provided by our company are durable and come in a variety of sizes. Across the whole of Dallas, TX, we are one of the most trusted electric gate installers. If you are looking for electric gates for homes, electric gates for a driveway, or any type of electric gates for that matter, we can install them in a short duration. Our technicians are experienced and efficient; we can replace your old door with a new and durable electric door in a heartbeat.

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How often do we need to repair an electric gate?

Electric powered gates require a thorough service every 12 months or so. The repair cost depends on many factors such as mode of usage, the locality where it is installed, the extent of wear and tear of the door, etc. At Star Gate & Fence, we will provide you with quality repair and maintenance of electric gates.

Does having a gate prevent break-ins?

Gates significantly augment the security level of your property. Electric gates are electrically powered, strong, and sturdy, and they will not allow any unwanted intruders to pass through. Installing electric gates can add another level to the security of your property.

Gate installation

Gate installation

Electric gate installation can be a bit problematic if you do not know the right company to contact. If you are a resident of Dallas, TX, and are trying to find a company for gate installation, then you have come to the right place. Star Gates & Fence is the best company you will find for electric gate installation. Of the several Automatic gate companies, we are the most experienced one. Across Dallas, TX, our business is well known, and we have maintained a good reputation in this industry for generations. Whether it be security gate installation, driveway gate installation, or metal gate installation, we provide the best services. Reach out to us when you are in a fix, and we will send our technicians for gate installation at your home as soon as possible.

What is the best gate company near me?

Star Gates & Fence is one of the oldest gate and fence installation companies in Dallas, TX. We ensure top-notch services, and our staff comprises of the most courteous and helpful members. We use modern gate repair and gate installation techniques, and our security gate installation standards are at par with that of multinational companies.

Why does a gate add property value?

If you are looking to sell a property anywhere in Dallas, TX, having an attractive entrance is a must-have. Even if you are not selling any property, electric gate installation in your property will add to the aesthetic appeal, thereby increasing the property value.

Gate opener

Gate opener

Gate openers add an extra level of security to your home or property. If you are looking for outdoor modeling in Dallas, TX, a gate opener is a very safe option to go with. Gate openers save you from the irritating frustration of opening and closing the gate manually. The diligent workers of Star Gate & Fence are here to cater to your needs, and we can help reduce your stress by installing gate openers.

Which gate opener is the best?

This question is somewhat subjective; there are many types of gate openers to choose from, such as automatic gate openers, electric gate openers, remote controlled gate openers, and solar powered gate openers.

Our technicians put together automatic gate openers using either screw or worm- so they are very cost-effective.

Remote controlled gate openers are a popular choice among the people of Dallas, TX, and we provide the best quality remote gate openers.

If you are searching for an electric gate motor, automatic gate opener, or similar types of gate openers, then Star Gate and Fence is the place to go. We at Star Gate & Fence will make sure that you are enjoying the most premium experience of gate openers.

How does a gate opener work?

Whenever a car reaches the driveway, the keypad or sensors sense the vehicle and send an electric signal to the gate motor. The electric gate motor (which is a device that allows the electric gate to open and close automatically), then uses an AC or a DC motor to produce power, which consequently moves the door.

How often do we need to repair a gate opener?

Gate openers are durable and require maintenance rarely. Typically, you will be required to change or repair a gate opener only once in 10 years.

Iron Gate

Iron Gate

If you are aiming for that sleek metallic sheen while installing a new gate, an iron gate is a good option. Having Star Gate & Fence install a black iron gate at your office or home entrance will surely add to the beauty of your property. Steel gates are also a popular choice since they are lighter and stronger. On the downside, a steel gate price is comparatively higher, while you can buy metal and wood doors at a cheaper price.

Many property owners use sliding metal gates as they are much easier to move and can be easily installed.

Wrought iron gate is the most popular choice in this category and is ideal for contractors due to its longevity, cost-effectiveness, and beauty. It is an all-around package!

Metal gates can also be converted to electric gates using electric sliding gate kits, and that is an added advantage. The technicians at Star Gate & Fence are experienced in this domain, and we can help you choose the right kind of door for your property. Just give us a call, and our customer service will be there to help you!

Do iron gates rust?

One of the major problems with every second iron-based product is rust. Iron gates rust too but don’t worry; we can help you in this regard as well. While having us install a metal gate on your property, you can consult our experts on how to prevent your iron gates from rusting, and we’d be eager to help.          

Wooden gates

Wooden gates

The traditional wooden gates possess an undeniable charm and appeal. Wooden gates come in various types and sizes, such as small wooden gates, hardwood gates, timber gates, and many others.

The wooden garden gates provided by Star Gate & Fence have withstood the humid weather of Dallas, TX. Wooden driveway gates are also in demand nowadays, and they are a popular pick among contractors.

The wooden gates are durable and can resist the wear and tear that the farm animals inflict on them. If you live on a ranch or a farm in Dallas, TX, the wooden fence gates will come in handy.

We have several wooden gates for sale, and we assure you that they are of the highest standard. Wooden side gates for houses and double wooden gates are available as well.

How long do wooden doors last?

At Star Gate & Fence, we supply the best quality wooden doors. The wooden doors typically last for about 30-40 years. However, it is complicated to assign life expectancy to these wooden doors, as it depends on various factors. Two identical gates fitted in different locations can have vastly differing life.

When should I re-stain my wooden fence?

Wood is painted or stained to limit the effects of corrosion on it. Wooden garden gates typically require re-staining once every three years to maintain their durability. Considering the weather of Dallas, TX, Star Gate & Fence’s experts recommend using high-quality wood. High-quality wood decreases the cost of maintenance.

Driveway gate

Driveway gate

Driveway gates amp up the security level of your property. They allow you to control who enters your property. If you are fed up with unwanted visitors, then you can buy a driveway gate from Star Gate & Fence. Driveway gates serve multiple purposes such as convenience, trendy look, security, and countless others.

With the help of automatic metal driveway gates, you get to choose who enters your home and who does not. Only those who have the driveway remote can enter your property, which significantly restricts any trespassing.

There are many types of electric driveway gates, but two of them are famous nowadays.

Electric driveway gates

Electric gates for driveways are a smart choice if you are looking for automation. Electric gates give a high-tech feel to your residence and are in trend. If you have decided to install a driveway gate, you should start thinking about what type of design you would prefer. You can choose from many options, all of which are available at Star Gate & Fence.

If you are looking for gate companies in Dallas, TX, then Star Gate & Fence is the right place to go. We are one of the most trusted driveway gate installers across the country, and we ensure that you get cheap driveway gates without compromising on the standard.

What to do if my driveway remote door was stolen?

If your driveway gate remote was stolen, then we suggest that you change the code of the door urgently. It is always a good idea to have a back-up remote in your house or in your car. If you don’t have one, you can buy it from Star Gate & Fence.

Geri W.
Geri W.
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Eli has consistently provided outstanding service. They are easy to get a hold of, responsive and courteous.
Chanel O.
Chanel O.
logo yelpRead More
I recently moved to Dallas and purchased a home in north Dallas. The gate needed to be repaired. I read very many reviews for so many companies and had 3 companies come give me an estimate which all were very over priced. I found this company and decided to have them come out for an estimate. I was sold right away. They were great. Knew what the issue was and weren't over priced which seemed to be the case with all the other companies I had called. The job was done within 2 hrs and I will use them again if ever needed.
Ben A.
Ben A.
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This company is great. Very responsive and punctual. The gears for our electric gate were terribly jammed with a towel that was left on the chain. Ben did a great job explaining the work that would be necessary to resolve the situation at hand, and even performed additional maintenance on the entire system. I'll be using them for annual preventative maintenance moving forward and would recommend the same to anyone with their own residential electric gate.
Sylvia A.
Sylvia A.
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After a horrible encounter with a previous gate company, we called Star Gate & Fence to come out and look at the crap job the previous company did. Our gate was considered kaput and we thought we were going to have to spend thousands from what the previous company had said, but it turns out it wasn't the circuit board at all. The battery needed to be replaced! Elijah was very thorough and straightforward at the same time and we really appreciated it. We might have to replace the gate arm in the future, which will be a pretty hefty expense, but it will be worth it knowing that Elijah's team would be taking care of it. Thank goodness we found them.
Rebecca O.
Rebecca O.
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Star Gate & Fence was able to set a timely appointment and I didn't have to wait 3-4 days like the other 2 companies I called. Eli was very nice on the phone and in person. The gate started working as soon as Eli arrived and he said he was happy for me that it started working and didn't charge a trip fee for coming out. They are now the only gate company in my contacts for the next time the gate acts up. As they always do! 🙂
Stephen D.
Stephen D.
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Eli is outstanding. When our gate broke for the umpteen time, I finally broke down and had to call a professional. Naturally, I went to Yelp. His tech was out there the following day and replaced a broken board for the gate. A month later, I noticed that the gate didn't work again and was concerned. It had rained really hard the previous two days and I called Eli. He quickly responded and came out as soon as he could to check it himself. They warranty all their work. After checking the gate and a hard reset of the system (disconnecting batteries from terminals) the gate worked again. I was impressed with his demeanor and his professionalism. Definitely have my gate guy for life!

Commercial gates

Commercial gates

Commercial gates help you enhance your security cost-effectively to protect your premises. They are of various types as well.

In Dallas, TX, commercial security gates are a must-have. The level of security and protection they provide is unparalleled. In Dallas, TX, Star Gate & Fence provides you with many options if you have decided to use commercial gates.

Commercial iron fences and commercial gate openers are also available. They are especially popular in suburban areas of Texas.

Of the many commercial gateway installers, we provide quality commercial gate installation and repair. Our customer reviews back our expertise and proficiency in this field.

We also sell commercial parking garage gates at a reasonable price.

Our customer service is one of the best across the state. If you choose Star Gate & Fence, you will get trained and highly professional technicians, along with the best quality gate parts. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries! You could also hire a gate contractor to get a commercial gate installed.

What do you need to know before hiring a gate contractor?

The Star Gate & Fence experts recommend that you hire a gate contractor based on his past work and reputation. It would be best to prioritize hiring experienced and local contractors since they are less likely to leave you with a bad job.

Which type of door is best for commercial property?

We suggest an electric powered commercial gate for your commercial properties. They are highly secure, durable and do not require recurring maintenance. If you have commercial property in various places, these doors are ideal for you.

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