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Gate Repair & Installation In Dallas, TX

Star Gate & Fence is the top leading gate installation and repair companies across all of Dallas TX. We believe in provision of quality products coupled with excellent customer service.  Star Gate & Fence is a family-owned business comprising experienced technicians who are reliable and honest in their dealings.

Why Choose Star Gate & Fence?

  • Timely and efficient provision of services

If you decide to choose Star Gate & Fence for any service, we assure you of timely and efficient provision of services. Our technicians and employees are known for their swift and efficient work.

  • Dedicated and purpose driven employees

We have the best employees among all gate and fence installation and repair companies. Our employees work diligently and make sure that the client is satisfied with the service.

  • Great reputation in the market

Our reputation precedes us; we have been in this industry for more than 10 years and have developed a reputation of being honest and reliable.

  • Innovation and adaptability

Our technicians employ the latest techniques in their work. We ensure that we are innovating our methods with time and that our customers enjoy high-quality services.

  • Moderate pricing

We are a company of The People. Therefore, we find it to be better to price our service within a suitable range. Whether it be homeowners, small business owners, or contractors our prices lie in a reasonable range.

What We Offer:

gates installation and repairs

Iron fence

fences installation and repairs

Outdoor Construction

Outdoor Construction

Geri W.
Geri W.
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Eli has consistently provided outstanding service. They are easy to get a hold of, responsive and courteous.
Chanel O.
Chanel O.
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I recently moved to Dallas and purchased a home in north Dallas. The gate needed to be repaired. I read very many reviews for so many companies and had 3 companies come give me an estimate which all were very over priced. I found this company and decided to have them come out for an estimate. I was sold right away. They were great. Knew what the issue was and weren't over priced which seemed to be the case with all the other companies I had called. The job was done within 2 hrs and I will use them again if ever needed.
Ben A.
Ben A.
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This company is great. Very responsive and punctual. The gears for our electric gate were terribly jammed with a towel that was left on the chain. Ben did a great job explaining the work that would be necessary to resolve the situation at hand, and even performed additional maintenance on the entire system. I'll be using them for annual preventative maintenance moving forward and would recommend the same to anyone with their own residential electric gate.
Sylvia A.
Sylvia A.
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After a horrible encounter with a previous gate company, we called Star Gate & Fence to come out and look at the crap job the previous company did. Our gate was considered kaput and we thought we were going to have to spend thousands from what the previous company had said, but it turns out it wasn't the circuit board at all. The battery needed to be replaced! Elijah was very thorough and straightforward at the same time and we really appreciated it. We might have to replace the gate arm in the future, which will be a pretty hefty expense, but it will be worth it knowing that Elijah's team would be taking care of it. Thank goodness we found them.
Rebecca O.
Rebecca O.
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Star Gate & Fence was able to set a timely appointment and I didn't have to wait 3-4 days like the other 2 companies I called. Eli was very nice on the phone and in person. The gate started working as soon as Eli arrived and he said he was happy for me that it started working and didn't charge a trip fee for coming out. They are now the only gate company in my contacts for the next time the gate acts up. As they always do! 🙂
Stephen D.
Stephen D.
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Eli is outstanding. When our gate broke for the umpteen time, I finally broke down and had to call a professional. Naturally, I went to Yelp. His tech was out there the following day and replaced a broken board for the gate. A month later, I noticed that the gate didn't work again and was concerned. It had rained really hard the previous two days and I called Eli. He quickly responded and came out as soon as he could to check it himself. They warranty all their work. After checking the gate and a hard reset of the system (disconnecting batteries from terminals) the gate worked again. I was impressed with his demeanor and his professionalism. Definitely have my gate guy for life!

Exceptional Services

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Our Recent Projects In Dallas, TX
Gate Door

Gate doors are an important part of one’s home. At Star Gate & Fence Dallas, TX, we have experienced technicians who can install gate doors at an adequate price. Additionally, we can complete any gate door repair work swiftly. If you are facing any problem with either gate door installation or gate door repair, give us a call- and we will be at your place in no time.

There can be many things wrong with your gate doors such as a faulty gate door opener, broken gate door, and several others. However, we assure you that we can fix nearly all of these in a short duration and with minimal price.

Gate Openers

There are several brands and companies which manufacture gate openers. We provide gate openers of the following companies:

  • Liftmaster
  • Ramset
  • All-O-Matic
  • Us automatic
  • Viking
  • Maximum
  • Elite
  • Apollo

These companies provide top-quality gate openers which we will install at your property.

If the gate opener is faulty, these companies provide a warranty which ranges from 5 years to 10 years. Many companies also provide gate opener accessories such as gate opener remote, motorized machinery among others.

 Liftmaster Gate Openers has an outstanding reputation in this market. Ramset, ALL-O-Matic, and US Automatic are known for the quality of their locally made products. Viking and Max gate openers are known for the innovative technology that they employ in their products. These gate openers can be installed with a variety of electric gates, automatic electric gates, and swing electric gates.

If you are looking for the gate openers of these companies, then contact Star Gate & Fence Dallas, TX and we will give you more details.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets


Star Gate and Fence – The Best-Looking Ones

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Our Star Gate and Fence team can give you the best-looking gate and fences. Therefore, be sure to contact our Star Gate team if you want our services. Our prices are not high at all. Our service is something affordable. You will be able to afford our services for sure. We work all over Dallas, TX. So, if you are within the neighborhood, be sure to give us a phone call right this moment. We will hook you up with the most outstanding Star Gate and Fence alternatives.

Gates – Find The Best Ones With Us

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You moved into your new house, and you love it. But there is one single thing that you don't exactly love and that would be your gates. The gates are kind of old, and you want to change them. That is why you came across our Star Gate team, because we can upgrade them for you. You can rest assured that we will give you the best-looking gates in the whole neighborhood. As long as you are within Dallas, TX, we will be able to make your dreams a reality. Call us today!

Steel Gates – Top Quality Materials

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You saw a house with steel gates, and you fell in love. Now you want steel gates for your house as well. Well, that is what our team at Star Gate is ready for. We can give you those steel gates that you wish for. But what about quality? Do not worry about this. We only work with the most superior materials that we can find in Dallas, TX. With our help, your house will look incredible. We can install them for you during the week or even during the weekend. Whenever suits you best.

Wooden Garden Gates – The Best In The Neighborhood

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The other day you went for a walk within your neighborhood area. Suddenly, you came across wooden garden gates. They were so beautiful that now you want to get wooden garden gates for your house as well. That’s because you want your house to be the best in the neighborhood. Well, you can get your dream house with the help of our crew. All you need to do is call our Star Gate crew. Then, we can definitely hook you up with the best-looking wooden garden gates in all of Dallas, TX.

Sliding Metal Gates – 24/7 Installation

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You fancy getting sliding metal gates. But that is kind of hard to get when you work during regular business hours. That is why you are so happy that you came across our Dallas, TX crew. We’ll make sure that your sliding metal gates (or whatever you want) look incredible. Here at Star Gate, we offer our installation services 24/7. Call us whether you want sliding metal gates or any other type of gates. After all, we train our professionals very thoroughly. We want to ensure that our customers can get anything they wish for.

Slide Gate Operators – Low Prices

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A couple of days ago, you saw slide gate operators. They seemed so comfortable and so aesthetically pleasing. So now you want them for your house. But they are quite pricey. Aren't they? Well, they might be. But not when you call our Star Gate team because we manage low prices here. We understand you want your house to look incredibly nice in Dallas, TX. But you don't want to spend too much money. That is why you can get your operators with us. You won't spend too much on them. We also offer high-quality services only!

Swing Gate Operators – Install Them With Perfection

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You definitely want to get swing gate operators. You saw them one day and realized how comfortable they are. Also, they look really lovely. So, you definitely want those operators for your gate at home. But the problem is that you work during the week rather long hours. However, you still want to get them from someone who can work honestly in your absence. Well, that’s where our Star Gate crew comes in. Our crew is trustworthy and reliable to work even in your absence. We can install gate operators with perfection in Dallas, TX. So, trust us and hire us!

Metal Gate Installation – Comparable Costs

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We want you to understand the great idea of calling us to get a metal gate installation. That’s because our team manages comparable costs. Of course, we are talking about our Star Gate team. If you give us a phone call, you will get the best installation done for you. We’ll make sure that the gates look fantastic. Everyone in Dallas, TX, will love your metal gates. So be sure to hire us to complete your gate installation. We promise you that you will be in love with our end results.

Gate Accessories – Find The Best With Us

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Here, at Star Gate, we have many gate accessories. So no matter what accessories you want for your gate, we are sure that you can find them here. Our stores are in Dallas, TX. So, as long as you are in the area, come and check them out. We can deliver to your doorstep those accessories that you want. All we need is for you to be within the city limits. If you trust us, we promise you. You will get the best quality because you want them to last for a long time.

Swing Electric Gates – We Can Install Them

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An electric swing gate can be incredibly useful. But installing these swing electric gates can be pretty expensive. However worth it, swing electric gates are. You don't want to spend all of your money on them. That's why you should call our squad at Star Gate. It's because we can install them for you without charging too much for them. With our help, you will get the best gates you can find in Dallas, TX. So get in contact with our squad to get them! We guarantee you won't regret trusting our outstanding experts.

Repairs & Maintenance - We Can Deal Best

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Star Gate is beneficial for repairs & maintenance of gates. If you do not want to spend all of your money on repairing and maintaining gates, you should contact us. We will provide you with high quality without charging too much. You can find the best quality with long-lasting material gates in Dallas, TX. Our team of experts will always be ready to serve you whether it is used for commercial or residential purposes. We will never compromise on the quality of the services we provide. Our talented experts will give you unbelievable results.

Automatic Gate - No One Is Better Than Us

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We have a team of the best and most experienced automatic gate specialists working for us. There is no one better in Dallas, TX than us. Our gate technicians have years of training and experience. There is no doubt Star Gate has mastered the gate craft. Our service will ease you as you can operate your gate efficiently remote. Each of our service options is delivered by an amazing team of experts. Call Star Gate today for professional gate assistance. After you have completed that, inform our experts about your area, and wait for them to arrive.

Custom Construction – Outstanding Services

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Star Gate gives unique services and a designed process for custom construction. We are dealing with whatever style you are looking for. We are present there with different unique and attractive design options. Our company has other specifications of color and material as well. We hope you want unique and stylish gates. We are offering our pro services in Dallas, TX. Our experts will give you the best gate in your whole neighborhood. Our expert team will definitely upgrade your style. Just give us a phone call, and we will be there to serve you for customized construction.

Fence Installation-Demanding Quality

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Star Gate offers high-quality fence installation to both commercial and residential customers. It would be best if you wanted different and stylish fences at very fair prices. We provide the best services to install unique fences. We are always present to make your dreams a reality. Our experts will give you the best-looking fences in Dallas, TX. We have a wide range of fences to choose from. We explain everything very expressively. You need high-quality fences to enhance the beauty of your house or office. Our experienced technicians will give you an unbelievable outcome after providing installation services to make you proud.

Fence Design - Unique Designs & Excellent Quality

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Star Gate has a wide variety of designs for fences. It would help if you wanted highly durable fences that are more long-lasting. We offer high-quality fences to both commercial and residential customers. Our experienced fence makers nicely make and install fences according to your needs. Our consultants perform very well in Dallas, TX. Fences are designed with outstanding and top-quality materials at our company. To enhance your beauty, you need a new fence design. Regardless of the price, we will fulfill your needs. We will provide you with the best inventions of all time.

Commercial gate installation - We are the best team

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We are the best in Dallas, TX, and we know what you're going through. Our team of experts and equipment are unmatched by any commercial gate installation company. Get in touch today! When it comes to hiring an expert, Star Gate is the best company in the TX area. We have successfully solved all types of door problems over the past decade. There is no job too big or too small. Our pro services are available to all our customers. We highly recommend visiting our official website to learn more about our services.

Commercial Gate Repair - Personalized Services To Meet Your Needs

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Our company is the leading one in Dallas, TX, and we understand what you're dealing with. We have the best equipment and experts from any commercial gate repair organization. Contact us now! Star Gate is the absolute best company in the TX area if you need to hire an expert. Over the past decade, our company has solved all kinds of door issues. We provide a wide range of services. You can take our reliable services whenever you want. For more information about our gate repair services, check out our official website.

Driveway Gate Repair - Best Company In The Area

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Star Gate certainly does an excellent job. It is true that we have been working on driveway gate repair for a long time. Many of our professionals have worked in Dallas, TX, for several decades. They are completely familiar with everything you need to know about this job. Additionally, they are incredibly passionate about their jobs, which makes them unique. We are the best in the entire industry when it comes to gate repairs. If you need pro gate repair services, we're the ones you should call. Visit our website to learn more about us.

Electric Gate Repair - Exceptional Services At A Sensational Price

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Our services for repairing electric gates have always been recognized for their quality. Our company has provided quality solutions for more than a decade to customers throughout Dallas, TX. Our experts work with electric gates in a way that ensures that they will never get damaged. Defective gates do not operate correctly. Star Gate Company offers electric gate installation, electric gate repair, and emergency services. You can get them all at an affordable price today. Our top-notch services will give you peace of mind.

Gate Opener Installation - Expectations can be high!

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Star Gate is capable of handling any issue. Other companies may take many hours and days to complete a project, but we only need one shot. Our company offers a wide range of services for gate opener installation. We have been working in Dallas, TX, for over a decade. With that experience and knowledge, we can understand every situation perfectly. We strongly recommend that you experience our services for your gates at least once. Regardless of how high your expectations may be, our services are sure to exceed them.

Gate Installation - Your Utmost Security Service!

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Gates are important and come in various sizes and styles. They can be made from wood, metal, or steel, depending on their purpose. For one, a garden gate would be different from a building gate in terms of strength. If you have been thinking of getting a gate installation done, then Star Gate is your best option in Dallas, TX. We have experts who are able to carry out any type of installation for your home or property gate at large. If you want something grand or something simple, leave it to us.

Electric Gate Installation - Get It Done By The Best!

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Getting an electric gate comes with its own conveniences. You can have a gate remote that lets you operate your gate without needing to handle it manually. However, an electric gate installation needs more than just regular hands. You will want the help of an expert when it comes to gate installation. Star Gate is a company in Dallas, TX, that can assist you. Our technicians have the proper skill set to install a gate without any kind of wrong placement of the components involved. Call us today for a proper gate installation.

Automatic Gate Installation - Dallas' Very Best!

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A lot of benefits come with an automatic gate installation. However, you need to install it properly if you don't want to experience any trouble with it. Imagine coming back from a trip and using the remote to open the gate, but it won't budge. There is definitely something wrong somewhere. This is why you need a company like Star Gate in Dallas, TX, to help you out with a gate installation for convenience and fluidity. Our professionals know just what they are doing, and they will make sure you have no issues afterward.

Security Gate Installation - Your Safety And Security Is Priority!

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Most gates are installed for security purposes, and just like a fence, they are very much used to mark one territory other than just for security purposes. You would want the perfect gate installation for your property, and to get this, you need the expertise of Star Gate. As a recognized company in Dallas, TX, you are definitely in for the best security gate installation. We make use of the best materials and use quality components should you require automatic gates. Our services are superior in quality and standard.

Commercial Gates - Give Your Business Place A Level Of Security!

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Now, gates for commercial buildings are somewhat different from regular residential gates. They see more usage and are made to withstand a certain level of force. Getting the right commercial gates installed is dependent on the type of hands you hire for them. We would recommend you employ the services of Star Gate if you need the best types of gates installed. Star Gate is a pro gate and fence service provider in Dallas, TX, and you will be glad you chose them for your next commercial gate installation service.
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